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About Me

Hi, I'm Ashley!

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I am Ashley Vogl, founder of All Terrain. From an early age I developed a passion for the care and well being of animals. As a young girl, I would always be on the prowl for any opportunity to train animals. With all sorts of rope or chain in hand, I attempted to walk/train cats, dogs, or even goats. I took small jobs in the neighborhood walking dogs and aiding in tending for stray dogs that I came across.

At the age of 9 I enrolled into horse riding lessons and started participating in horse shows. This eventually led to training horses and teaching people how to ride. In all, I have now been a horse trainer for over 20 years.

How does this apply to dogs? Well, it was about two years ago that I fell in love with training them. It all started when we decided to get a family dog after our previous dog had passed away. We chose to get a Belgian Malinois. While the process of training him was difficult, I was fortunate to have a mentor to help me start out and stay on the right track. After falling in love with the training process and recognizing the similarities and differences between dog training and horses, I decided I wanted to become more knowledgeable and experienced in dog training. With that focus in mind and with my background in training animals I knew I could train and help people with their own dogs. I realized how important training was and how obtainable it can be for every dog owner, and haven’t stopped since.

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